Fruit trees

Summer care of fruit trees

Summer care of fruit trees

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During the summer, do not neglect the care of the orchard and vegetable garden before or after harvesting the fruits.

For some, we should already consider next season ...

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Stone fruit trees in summer

Aerate stone fruit trees if this is not done, removing excess fruit, especially if the summer is very dry. On the peach, leave one fruit every ten centimeters and remove the leaves that hide the peaches to ensure better ripening. Prune the herbaceous twigs with five leaves to force the sap back to the rest of the tree. Water them if the weather is too dry.

Eliminate rejections from your young people plum trees which tire young subjects. Support them if their branches bend under the weight of the fruit.

Summer is the best time to prune or prune cherry trees. An operation that should be done only if your tree needs it, to clear troublesome or unproductive branches and promote young shoots. Remember to chew the wounds to avoid the bacterial chancre.

Finally, consider installing the nasturtium at the foot of your young trees. As winter begins, it disappears, leaving a net that protects the floor.

Small fruit trees in summer

Straw them small fruit trees (raspberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries…) And water them after the hot weather: their superficial rooting weakens them in the event of drought. After harvesting the last raspberries of the summer, cut the canes that have given fruit because they will no longer give. It is therefore better to promote the regrowth of the following canes.

From the end of July, collect the runners from strawberries and plant them in buckets filled with compost and sand to replace the plants that no longer give.

If you are a fan of kiwi fruit in the garden, remember to train theactinidia of China and thin out weaker branches if they are too tangled. It's time to start the cuttings from these lianas. You have until September to do so.

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