Cut your favorite plants

Cut your favorite plants

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Cuttings are the best way to reproduce your favorite plants identically.

From July, you can get started in this art of plant propagation.

Easy cuttings

The geraniums and pelargoniums are some of the plants that cut well, and are ideal for beginners. Take short cuttings, that is, the buds of the year when they reach 3-4 cm. Place them against the inner wall of your plants' terracotta pots. This method guarantees good recovery because it ensures good drainage to the plant. Transplant your cuttings into a new pot as soon as they have rooted and remember to protect them from frost this winter to enjoy next summer.

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If your friends envy your lavatère shrubby, prepare cuttings for them! Once the first big bloom is over, your plant will produce side branches. Collect them as soon as they reach 4-5 cm in length. Remove the terminal buds and transplant them, either directly into the soil if it is light or against the wall of the terracotta pots. In two months, the cuttings will be ready to be transplanted into the garden.

You can also share your oleander. Take young lateral shoots and incise their base lengthwise. Fill a container with water and a piece of charcoal to maintain its purity. Cover everything with stretch wrap. Prick the cuttings so that their base does not touch the bottom. Place the set in the shade. It takes two months to root. Then transplant in a pot in a rich compost.

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And why not the roses?

Once you've learned the art of cutting, get started with rose cuttings in late summer. Choose healthy roses. As soon as the new shoots are firm at their base, take cuttings 6-8 cm long with a heel (width at the base) from the deflowered twigs. Remove some of the leaflets. Introduce the cuttings in a draining substrate composed of sand and potting soil in equal parts. Water lightly. Cover the pot with a transparent plastic bag to create a humid atmosphere and place it in a shady spot in the garden. It takes at least six weeks to root. Repot your cuttings and place them in a frame. Plant the following spring.

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