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On the road to cassis

On the road to cassis

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In Burgundy, on the Hautes Côtes de Nuits-Saint-Georges, the plots of prestigious wines rub shoulders with those of Cassis, always famous for its transformation into cream. A well-nurtured tradition.

And in mid-July when the harvest is in full swing, a powerful fragrance arises from the fields of the Côte d´Or.

Produced mainly for liquor production (France is the third largest producer in the world), blackcurrant has also found new outlets over the past ten years.

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Delicious farm products

At Ferme Fruirouge, at Isabelle and Sylvain Olivier's, in Nuits-Saint-Georges, blackcurrant obviously remains a leading product in cream, but it is also transformed into jam, syrup, brandy, added in vinegars, ketchup and more recently pepper ...

On two hectares, in clay-limestone soil, the best varieties of blackcurrant flourish: “Noir de Bourgogne”, self-sterile, associated with “Royal de Naples” for pollination by hives. These varieties come from the wild species ‘Ribes Nigrum’, native to the northern regions (Carpathians, Siberia, etc.).

For harvesting "mouth-watering" blackcurrants, the ‘Tenah’ variety is preferred, which forms large clusters, with a less powerful aroma, but sweeter.

Reasoned cultivation is essential, because the bushy shrub, which does not tolerate sulfur and which flowers in early April, is the target of many enemies which must be taken care of: powdery mildew (at all vegetative stages), rust, aphids, red spiders... With the right care, a sturdy foot can produce for up to 15 years. The harvest of fruits reaches its peak, from the fourth year, in mid-July.

To know everything about blackcurrant

Not far from there, the Cassissium, an interactive museum located in Nuits-Saint-Georges, also allows you to learn all about this generous fruit. History, perfume, medicinal virtues, secrets of the history of the famous cream ... A real wealth of knowledge, before taking ... the irrisit blackcurrant route!

The Fruirouge farm, Hameau de Concoeur, 21700 Nuits-Saint-Georges Phone. : 03 80 62 36 25.

Le Cassisium, avenue du Jura, impasse des frères Montgolfier, 21700 Nuits-Saint-Georges Tel: 03 80 62 49 70 or

Route du cassis. Nuits-Saint-Georges tourist office. Phone. : 03 80 62 11 17 or

Marie Petitcerf

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