Fig and grape jam, the delicious recipe

Fig and grape jam, the delicious recipe

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Delicious late summer recipe, when it's time to harvest figs and grapes, this half-fig, half-raisin jam is a nice surprise.

Ingredients for 4 jars:

  • 600 g white figs
  • 600 g white grapes
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 2 untreated lemons.

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Half-fig, half-raisin jam

> Wash the figs, remove the hard end of the tail and cut them into 8. Put them in a bowl with the sugar.

> Wash the grapes. Peel and seed the grains cut in 2. Add them to the figs.

> Wash the lemons, peel their zest into ribbons, cut their flesh into cubes, removing membranes and seeds. Add to the fruit and mix.

> Leave to macerate for at least 2 hours, stirring occasionally.

> Pour into a jam basin. Bring to low heat and cook for 45 min, skimming off and stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon. Do not let it brown. Remove the zest at the end of cooking.

> Scald and dry the pots; distribute the jam.

> Cover while hot. Wait a month before tasting.

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