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Oregano: benefits and virtues

Oregano: benefits and virtues

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Oregano or (Origanum vulgare), very close to marjoram, is an aromatic plant native to the Mediterranean Basin and West Asia.

Its use as a medicinal plant dates back toGreek antiquity, where it was prescribed against gastric disturbances, stimulating lazy stomachs and fighting against constipation.

  • Gardening: how to grow oregano well

Oregano and its health benefits

Usually eaten in small amounts as a seasoning, oregano, like all other herbs, cannot provide all of the health benefits attributed to it. But its use so regular and significant helps to contribute to antioxidants of our diet.

Oregano is tonic, digestive, stimulating and purgative. Highly dosed, it stimulates the heart.

  • Oregano is a plant widely used inherbal medicine in the form ofinfusions or fromessential oils. We recognize its virtues analgesics, anti-infectious, antiseptics and antibacterial.
  • Antioxidant, oregano helps fight the damage caused by free radicals in the body, which are involved in the development of diseases cardiovascular, from some cancers and diseases related to aging.
  • Among the benefits of oregano, we recognize that of combating acute or chronic inflammation of the bronchi. In infusion or inhalation, oregano leaves soften the throat and declutter bronchi in case of respiratory diseases.
  • Oregano healsbloating and gas, improve it intestinal transit and relieves digestive disorders. It also helps improve appetite. It can also relieve painful periods.
  • Tonicardiac, oregano is a stimulant and an excitant: it is recommended in case of tiredness or asthenia.
  • In poultice, from the fresh plant crushed in a cloth and heated, to place on the painful area, oregano relieves rheumatism, thes torticollis and thestiffness.

Growing oregano for its benefits

Oregano likes everything very light soil (half calcareous garden soil, half river sand), well drained, even limestone, but it absolutely needs full sun.

You can grow oregano pot, it is very easy, and the yield will be quite correct if you use containers that are 20 cm deep.

The leaves are picked as and when needed, from May to October. Oregano dries very well and retains its fragrance for a long time.

An advice : bury the oregano pots in winter to prevent the plant from freezing by the roots when the temperature drops too much.

  • Gardening: how to grow oregano well

Oregano in cooking for its benefits

Aromatic plant emblematic of Italian food, raw, fresh or dried oregano is the perfect flavor for pies and pizzas, grilled meats, tomatoes, fish and vegetables.

Oregano leaves can be stored in fridge, up to two weeks, wrapped in damp tissue or paper. They quickly lose their aroma when cooking, it is therefore better to use them raw to accompany pasta, of potatoes, and all your vegetables.

Warning, fresh oregano is much more fragrant than dried oregano: when cooking, add it at the last moment.

Better than herbal tea, try the "solar tea "With oregano. It is prepared by soaking a handful of oregano flowers in the sun for several hours in a jar filled with water. It is delicious ! You can also heat them in wine ...

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