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Lettuce: it is full of minerals and vitamins

Lettuce: it is full of minerals and vitamins

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The lettuce (Lactuca sativa), small tender leaf salad serrated or curly, green or red, is undoubtedly the best known of the vegetable plants in our gardens.

Originally from Europe and Asia, she was born from wild lettuce commonly found along roadsides in temperate regions.

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Lettuce and its health benefits

  • Lettuce offers a nutritional wealth incomparable. Light and refreshing, it is full of minerals, of vitamins and of nutrients indispensable.
  • Depending on whether you consume the green leaves outside or the heart, rather white, you will not have the same nutritional intake. It is therefore preferable to consume both to benefit from all benefits and health benefits of lettuce.
  • Lettuce is an essential source offolic acid (vitamin B9), which plays a key role in renewal of all cells of the body.
  • Thanks to its fibers, lettuce is a high potency food satiating while providing a minimum of calories. Lettuce regulates digestive functions, promotes digestion and the transit. If you are subject to constipation, it is better to consume the lettuce in the evening to facilitate rest and the evacuation of the intestinal bowl the next morning.
  • It has been shown to have beneficial effects against urine retention and the visceral engorgement. She calms the inflammations painful liver, of the vesicle and intestines.
  • In the form of alcohol (maceration in alcohol), lettuce may decrease by 30% blood sugar level in diabetics.

Internal use

The decoction lettuce (100 grams of leaves per liter of water) promotes sleep onset and intestinal transit.

Hot poultices of lettuce, made with cooked leaves, soothe boils and whitlow.

Growing lettuce for its benefits

  • If you want grow lettuce in your vegetable garden, know that it needs a exposure semi-shaded, not too hot and a ground rich, cool, humus-like and well-drained. Remember to bring manure during the autumn preceding the cultivation as well as a complement organic fertilizer. The earth must stay wet permanently.
  • Pot, growing lettuce is fun and easy to do.
  • Install your plantsbetween March and October.
  • Warning with slugs, snails and caterpillars, very fond of lettuce. Watch out for them, spread ash around the plants or install a Bell to keep them away.

Lettuce in cooking and its properties

  • Wash the lettuce in very cold water just before preparing it. Wring it out in a cloth or in a salad basket. The vinaigrette will hold best on the leaves if they are dry.
  • In order not oxidize the leaves (which destroys the vitamin C), it's better to tear lettuce instead of cutting it with a knife and doing it only at the last minute.
  • To taste your lettuce, cut it as it grows and eat it immediately because it withers and loses his nutritional qualities very quickly (the vitamin C in particular). You can neverthelesskeep a few days in the bottom of the refrigerator, surrounded by a cloth or in a perforated plastic bag.
  • In the refrigerator, avoid the proximity ofapples, pearsand bananas which emit ethylene, a gas that causes lettuce to rot.
  • If we mainly eat lettuce flood, know that it is also delicious in soup !

Nutritional intakes and nutritional value

Lettuce is a very digestible salad, which provides 15 kcal / 100 g when raw, a little less when cooked. It is especially rich in vitamin B9, vitamin C and B3, but also in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It is highly recommended in low calorie diets.

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