The Christmas cactus, for a flowery suspension

The Christmas cactus, for a flowery suspension

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The Christmas cactus, for a flowery suspension

This is an ideal plant to bring color during the cold season.

A generous succulent, the Christmas cactus blooms for six to eight weeks every winter.

The Christmas cactus

Baptized schlumbergera in homage to Frédéric Schlumberger, great collector of 19th century cactie century, the Christmas cactus is an epiphytic succulent plant that comes to us from the tropical forests of Brazil. It has long stems composed of evergreen pseudo-leaves which in winter bear pink, purple, red, orange or white flowers. Up to 60 cm long, these drooping stems make it an ideal hanging plant.

The Christmas cactus is an easy and hardy plant once you find a suitable place for it. He needs a bright place, without direct sunlight and without drafts, which remains at a constant temperature between 15 and 20 ° C, because he does not like heat. Once you find the location that suits him, don't move it, he hates it! Water once a week during the flowering period and be sure to remove any faded flowers as you go, to encourage more buds to appear. Outside of flowering, reduce watering: let the soil dry out between each application. Repot between February and April approximately every three years, in a mixture of potting soil, sand and soil from the garden.

Make the Christmas cactus bloom again

To bloom again, the Christmas cactus needs to see the nights lengthen.

In the fall, place it at rest, without watering, in a room without artificial light for two months, until the flower buds appear. You can then put it back in its usual place.

Easily cut the Christmas cactus

The Christmas cactus is easy to cut. Outside the flowering period, take a piece of stem made up of at least three segments, let it dry for a few hours to heal, then plant it in a mixture of equal parts potting soil, garden soil and sand.

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