Make your amaryllis last!

Make your amaryllis last!

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With its beautiful flowering stems so colorful, amaryllis adorns our interiors for a good part of winter. To make it bloom again, a few steps are required.

The "Vittata" is the most common of amaryllis, it is planted from October to April.

If you want to keep it for several years, buy a bulb to plant yourself, not a container plant. Choose it in good condition, the size already gives you an idea of ​​its inflorescence.

Light for the amaryllis

Before planting the bulb, cut its roots a few centimeters. Place it in a large enough pot, burying half of it in rich, well-drained soil to prevent water from pooling. Place it near a radiator, in a bright room, avoiding direct sunlight to help it start.

At this stage, water it regularly but not excessively (1 to 2 times a week) until the flowers appear, 6 to 8 weeks after planting. From that moment on, you no longer need to water it! The plant will draw its nutrients from the bulb. Put it in your living room to make the most of it.

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Make the amaryllis bloom again

Once the last flower of your wilted amaryllis, cut the stem three centimeters above the bulb. Water it regularly so that the leaves develop: they help replenish the plant's reserves.

When they turn yellow during the summer, put your plant to rest in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place: a room inside your house or in the shade outside, and leave the leaves fall on their own.

Three months later, the bulb is ready to resume its growing cycle. Remove one to two centimeters of soil and add a little new potting soil. Repotting is enough every three years. These simple gestures will allow you to see bloom your amaryllis again still a long time.

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