The training collar

The training collar

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What do we think of the controversial training collar?

It is not for us to give an opinion, but only to tell you about a tool which, if used correctly, can meet the needs of some handlers who are overwhelmed by their dog's behavior.

The training collar

  • It comes in the form of a small, light, waterproof and discreet case that does not disturb the animal,
  • It is accompanied by a strap of sufficient length to adapt to any type of breed,
  • A remote control (it can simultaneously control several necklaces),
  • Two pairs of electrodes (one for short-haired dogs, the other for long-haired dogs),
  • A device to test the collar,
  • A charger (or batteries).
  • Range between 100 and 1000 meters.
  • Cost depending on range, options and battery life. You can find a basic model of decent quality from 80 euros.

Training collars and features

  • The necklace that emits a sound : It is suitable for people who have time to devote to their dog's education and can be compared to the clicker technique. To reinforce positive behavior, beep the collar and offer a treat to your pet with each good deed. It also helps distract attention. You don't want your dog to jump, you beep and so on ...
  • The collar that emits sound and vibrations : Equipping with an additional function is an intermediary if you have a docile dog who is not receptive to the clicker technique. The vibrations, although annoying, are not painful.
  • The collar that emits sound, vibrations and electric shock : This should be used with caution, because the electric shock, although safe (several levels of intensity over a very short period of time) is not painless. It is incredibly effective for dogs with character and whose various training methods have failed. Very quickly, the dog will associate its undesirable behaviors with the electric shock and no longer reproduce them. The "sound" function will quickly become sufficient.

In addition :

  • Anti-bark collar : It is triggered automatically and becomes practical if you are absent.
  • The anti-fugue collar : The principle consists in delimiting an area in which your dog can move freely with a wire buried a few centimeters underground. This emits a radio signal in the event of an escape attempt and transmits it to the receiver of the collar worn by your animal.
  • The lemongrass necklace : No beep, no vibrations, no electric shock for this model, but a reservoir that is filled with lemongrass. With each bark, the dog receives a spray of lemongrass, an odor that our friends do not like. It is rechargeable.

Using the training collar properly

For ethical reasons and to avoid confusing your dog's mind, the collar should only be used to correct a bad attitude.

Gradually, it is advisable to go from electric shock to a simple beep.

Clean the electrodes with an antiseptic and regularly check your pet's neck, as excessive use of the device can cause irritation.

In case of burn, rinse with Marseille soap and apply Betadine.

Alternatives to the training collar

Hunters often equip their companion with a GPS dog collar in order to find them easily.

If you want to replace the training collar little by little, you can choose the pet corrector (pressurized spray which expels an inert gas producing a very powerful noise), the ultrasonic whistle, the clicker (small plastic case with a metal tab inside that makes a click when pressed) or a sound toy . The main thing is to surprise your dog so that he stops a bad deed.

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