Camellias… in winter too!

Camellias… in winter too!

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There are so many cultivars of camellias sasanqua and japonica that this shrub can flower your garden all year round!

Including during winter!

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Camelia, for the record

Evergreen foliage, abundant flowering, large flowers with a powerful fragrance: the camellia is a treasure in the garden. Symbolizing longevity, loyalty and happiness, it comes from China and Japan. "We owe it to us to know him in Europe because of a deception," explains Nathalie Chahine, author of Le Petit livre du langue des fleurs (Editions du Chêne).

In the 18th century, the Chinese sold Camellia japonica, the ornamental variety, in place of Camellia sinensis plants, which gave tea, to the East India Company! ".

And it must be recognized that it flourishes particularly well in our latitudes, in Brittany, in the English Channel and on the Atlantic coast where the mild climate resembles its original conditions.

Camellias brave winter

Some varieties, however, do not fear negative temperatures and flower at the same time as the hellebores and others snowdrops.

This is the case with camellia nobilissima, one of the first of the winter season, magnificent in white!

But also camellia Takanini, a very feminine red,Ave Maria and Spring mist in pearly pink, from Spring festival in soft pink, from Frost Prince or Paradise Sayaka this time in bright pink, from Sanpei Tsubaki yellow heart, camellia japonica Glory of Nantes and Transnokoensis which both bloom around Christmas or even Freedom bell, with the long red bloom, until Easter !.

Shade and avoid drafts

Hardy heather earth plant with an acid pH, the camellia likes shade and dreads drafts. Plant it between October and March, free from frost, and even until spring for species that flower in winter. They will prefer an exposure in partial shade, the morning sun being very beneficial to them.

In the ground as in pots, a mixture of potting soil, heather soil and garden soil constitutes an ideal fertile soil. And even if it blooms in winter, it will appreciate a mulch and a wintering veil.

Water it regularly (always frost free) and make sure it has good drainage. Adding fertilizer and new soil in the spring will also be beneficial.

Did you know ?

There exists in Sèvres, in the Hauts-de-Seine, precisely in the private garden of Madame Sophie des Arcis, a vestige of a greenhouse with camellias dating from the 1900s. She is one of the only survivors of the Etablissements Cosmes, cultivation of crops horticultural crops which had its heyday in the Second Empire when camellia buttonholes were in vogue during the evenings of the upper middle class. The owner wants to keep this greenhouse still housing camellias and have it classified as a historical monument.

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

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