A palm tree at home

A palm tree at home

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Indoors, the palm tree is a real decorative element because of its very graphic palms. It also brings greenery. Our advice for keeping it for a very long time.

Choose a large container pierced at the bottom to install your palm tree. Leave a thick bed of clay balls or gravel representing about 20% of the total volume of the pot.

Palms hate having constantly soggy roots and this draining bed will prevent root suffocation. Compose a rich mixture of potting soil, garden soil, compost and medium-grained river sand and plant your palm tree there.

Watering the apartment palm tree

To keep your indoor palm in good health, you must ensure that you water it carefully.

Watering should be regular, allowing the mixture to dry on the surface between two of them and never letting water stagnate in the saucer. Always water with water at room temperature, as soon as the top of the soil is dry. No ice water, the palm tree doesn't like it.

Next, maintain a humidity of 50% humidity in the air. To compensate for the low humidity of our interiors (around 20%), you can mist the palms with non-calcareous water and place a cup filled with clay balls and water under the plant.

Tips for caring for an indoor palm tree

For lush foliage, remember to regularly remove dust that settles on the fins with a slightly damp sponge.

But without spraying them, which could contribute to the proliferation of bacteria. The leaves will thus better fulfill their photosynthetic function.

What to do with my palm tree in the summer?

Most palm trees don't like direct light, but they will thrive perfectly behind a screened window. This is why it is best placed near a window facing west. Your indoor palm tree can travel from room to room, as long as the ambient temperature remains between 18 ° and 22 °.

In summer, you can aerate your plant by moving it to the garden in a partially shaded place sheltered from the wind. It will dress your exterior with a southern decorative touch, and thus take a little breath of air that will restore its strength before winter.

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