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Camellia in a pot: ideal for balconies and terraces

Camellia in a pot: ideal for balconies and terraces

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Camellia is a beautiful shrub very suitable for container culture.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Camellia
Family : Theacées
Type : Flowering shrub

pot : 1 to 3 m
Exposure : Partial shade and shade
Substrate : Heathland

: Persistent
Flowering : November to June depending on varieties

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Our advice : choose them smaller species for container culture, those that do not exceed 80 cm in height in adulthood.

Here are our tips for seeing the potted camellia grow and flower from year to year.

Planting camellia in pots

The camellia in pots, as in soil, needs well-drained soil to avoid having its roots in contact with standing water.

Best location for potted camellia:

  • In pots, you will choose a partially sunny place, especially avoiding full sun and too hot situations.
  • Also avoid too windy situations
  • Note that camellia is not a houseplant and therefore will not stand the winter in a heated room.

Container for potted camellia:

The material of the container is irrelevant as long as the pot or bin has a bottom drainage system.

  • Make sure that the pot is well drilled at the bottom to drain the overflow of water
  • Remember to change the pot size every 2 to 3 years

Camellia potting soil in a pot:

The potted camellia will appreciate theheathland to develop properly.

  • Start by putting a draining layer at the bottom of the pot, made from clay balls or gravel.
  • Fill the pot or the container with heather soil mixed with a special planting soil.

Size of the potted camellia:

Again, if you have chosen a dwarf species, this work will be reduced to a maintenance pruning.

  • Remove dead wood as you go.
  • To reduce the branches, wait until the end of summer.

Watering camellia in pots

Like most shrubs and potted plants, watering the camellia is decisive because the needs are different from the subjects planted in the ground.

In fact, in pots, the earth dries up much more quickly and this can lead to the loss of the camellia.

  • The soil must remain slightly moist because the camellia fears drought.
  • Water only when the surface is dry.
  • Regular intake ofheather soil plant fertilizeris important.
  • You can also bring nettle manure, it is a natural fertilizer that camellias will appreciate.

Diseases of potted camellia

Whether in pots or in the ground, camellias often experience problems related to the nature of the soil (generally too chalky), or to watering. These two elements often lead to reactions in the foliage.

Camellia leaves and buds turn brown :

This phenomenon is often due to the fact that the soil is poorly drained and therefore water stagnates at the roots.

  • Camellias must never have their feet in water and the water must drain quickly
  • If this is the case for your potted camellia, reduce watering slightly.

Fertilization at the end of winter with fertilizer for heather plants strengthens the camellia, improves flowering and prevents disease.

Camellia leaves discolour and turn yellow:

This is usually due to too chalky soil and causes what is called chlorosis in camellia.

  • The addition of heather soil in surfacing is recommended.
  • Supplementing heather plant fertilizer should also help overcome chlorosis.

Smart tip

A mulch ofpine bark on the surface and over a few centimeters allows to overcome a number of problems.

  • It maintains moisture and freshness in the soil.
  • It provides the acidity that heather plants need.

It avoids weeds which are also easier to pull out.

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