Orchids by the thousands: exceptional varieties

Orchids by the thousands: exceptional varieties

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While the phalaenopsis orchid has conquered most homes, many varieties of orchids remain unrecognized.

Just as graceful and refined, they bring their magnetic charm to the office or home.

Discover them!

  • To discover: all about the orchid

The Miltonia, romantic

One of the few orchids to be scented, Miltonia was Princess Diana's favorite plant.

Native to South America, its large, colorful, speckled flowers are reminiscent of pansy.

Set it up in a bright spot, out of direct sunlight, and bathe it in lukewarm water once or twice a week to keep the soil moist.




The Oncidium, sparkling

A sentimental gift from Brazil, the Oncidium features a wreath of tiny flowers that seem to hang in the air.

Its yellow and brown colourways have earned it the nickname "tiger orchid", but there are also pink varieties.

Place it in the light and bathe it once a week.





The Cymbidium, lush

It is the most exuberant of orchids.

A terrestrial variety growing naturally in Asia, the Cymbidium is supplied in pointed leaves and stems covered with flowers in winter, when other varieties hibernate.

Give it space and avoid overly hot rooms, it likes temperatures between 10 and 18 ° C.




The dendrobium, sumptuous

Cascading flowers atop a stem, Dendrobium is considered in Japan as the guardian angel of the house, which absorbs negative energies.

We love the variety of its colors and its darker lip (third petal), as if its flowers liked to wear lipstick.

He is also a fan of gentleness, who prefers temperatures around 18 °.





La Vanda, aerial

From India to Sri Lanka, the Vanda grows in trees, its roots floating in the air or wrapped around branches.

It's the same at home, it doesn't need soil and hangs from a hook, a chandelier ...

Consider bathing it in lukewarm water two to three times a week to water its beautiful, brightly colored flowers.





The Paphiopedilum, solitary

Tropical beauty, this easy-going orchid typically bears only one flower per branch.

Unlike other orchids, the Paphiopedilum likes shade, making it a good option for dark rooms.

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