Dog in the car: regulations and highway code

Dog in the car: regulations and highway code

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Carrying your dog in a car is easy ... all you need to do is obey the Highway Code, use the appropriate accessories and have a little common sense.

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Dog in the car, regulations and the Highway Code

Although the word dog for car transport is not mentioned in the Highway Traffic Act, two articles should attract attention.

  • Article R412-6:"When driving, any driver or passenger of a vehicle must wear an approved seat belt ..."
  • Article R412-6: "Every driver must always maintain himself in a condition or position to carry out all maneuvers conveniently and without delay and his field of vision must not be reduced by the number or position of the passengers ..."

It can be deduced from this that a dog is considered as a passenger and that as such, he must not wander in the passenger compartment of the car under penalty of representing a danger for the driver, the other passengers or himself. .

In the event of braking or an accident, the dog can be thrown, injuring itself or injuring a passenger.

In the event of unrest, the driver will no longer have control of his vehicle.

Did you know ?

In the event of an arrest by the police, if they consider that your dog represents a danger, you are eligible for a second category fine of 22 euros.

3 simple ideas to equip your car

Efficient and quickly amortized auto accessories are essential for transporting your dog safely:

The leash with a belt clip:

This device is reserved for the quiet dog. This is a short leash fitted at one end with a tip that clips into the seat belt and at the other end with a carabiner that attaches to the dog's collar or harness. Price found between 6 and 15 euros.

This accessory can be completed with a car seat for dogs.

The security grid:

It isolates your dog in the trunk of your vehicle. Usually, it attaches to the headrests without having to drill holes. Universal, you can adjust it according to the width of your vehicle. Price found between 40 euros and 100 euros. The safety net exists as an alternative.

The transport cage:

It is ideal, because it allows a complete immobilization of the dog. In galvanized metal or plastic, it is robust, easy to clean and can be used in many situations. To enhance safety, keep it secure with a three-point seat belt. Price found between 40 and 120 euros depending on the size of your dog. Remember to take the correct dimensions of your trunk.

It can be replaced by a carrying bag (for small dogs).

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Smart advice

To travel well with your dog, some common sense is required!

  • If your dog suffers from motion sickness(vomiting…), do not feed him before leaving.
  • When you go on vacation, remember to take your dog's papers with you (health record or declaration at the town hall and civil liability insurance if your dog belongs to the first and second category).
  • Sufficiently ventilate the interior of the car.
  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Ask your vet for medication that will make your dog sleepy or soothe during the trip.

To meditate :

"Human judgment must be made with common sense and good judgment."

Samuel Ferdinant-Lop


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