Volume and lilies for Valentine's Day

Volume and lilies for Valentine's Day

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On February 14, the whole world is focused on Valentine's Day. Your sweetheart, he or she too, is hoping to receive a gift in secret, because everyone loves being pampered on Valentine's Day, right?

Now is a great time to show how much you love her with flowers. Surprise your loved one with a voluminous bouquet of gorgeous flowers.

White Bourbon lilies, Madonna lilies and Calla lilies make a striking impression. Imagine how wonderful it is to almost get lost in a huge bouquet of fabulous flowers.

A bouquet for your darling

The flowers of Lily open wide as soon as they are placed in the vase. This way, the size of the bouquet will double in a few days!

For this reason, place them in a tall vase, so that there is enough room for the stems to spread out and the buds to bloom and bloom.

Your darling will be overwhelmed by your beautiful gift. In the case of Calla lilies, "more is better" instead of "less is more". A large bouquet of pink calla lilies tied together makes a fantastic impression.

It is a gift that will surely impress your loved one.

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