Baked apples confit with red fruit jam

Baked apples confit with red fruit jam

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In the fall apples are in the spotlight and when the harvest is bountiful it is sometimes useful to have a few recipes to taste them.

So here's a quick and easy baked apple recipe that is fruity and tasty.

Ingredients for 6 people:

  • 4 beautiful apples
  • 4 tsp of sugar (ideally brown)
  • 4 large patches of butter
  • Red fruit jam (blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, etc.)

Recipe for baked apples with jam:

Preheat the oven to 180 °,

  • Start by washing the apples without peeling them
  • Remove the seeds with an apple corer but without crossing the apple over its entire height
  • Fill the hole left with sugar at the bottom and then with jam to the top
  • Arrange the apples on a baking dish
  • Add a knob of butter on each of the apples
  • Bake and cook for 35 minutes

Apples are cooked when the skin begins to crack and turn a nice golden color.

You can serve these delicious apples with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for example.

Enjoy your meal !

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