Cambria: superb orchid

Cambria: superb orchid

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Growing the cambria orchid is known to be fairly easy, although there are a few rules to keep in order to have beautiful flowers and prolong flowering.

Often flowering during winter, Cambria offers many colors around pink, purple and white.

Here are the maintenance steps that will help you grow your Cambria Orchid well.

Orchidee Cambria, the exhibition

Cambrias need as much light as possible but, like most houseplants, fear direct sunlight behind glass.

  • The reddish pigmentation of the leaves indicates that it is getting enough light
  • The darkening leaves on the contrary indicate that it lacks light
  • Deep red indicates it has too much light

The temperature of the room is also important although the Cambria orchid tolerates a certain coolness in the room.

  • The ideal temperature should be between 18 and 24 °
  • In summer, if you want, you can take it out on your balcony, terrace or in your garden, out of the sun.
  • In all cases, choose a bright place, but without direct sun.

Watering the Cambria orchid

There are 2 flowering periods in the Cambria, corresponding to its growth phase and its rest phase.

Watering during the growth period:

  • The arrival of new leaves indicates that the plant is entering a period of growth
  • Water regularly but not excessively so as not to let the roots stagnate in the water
  • Preferably use water with little or no lime
  • Add special low-concentrated orchid fertilizer (divide the prescribed doses by 2) every 2 waterings

Watering during vegetative rest:

  • The drop in temperatures generally indicates the entry into vegetative rest
  • This period generally coincides with autumn and winter
  • Limit watering to a minimum, about once every 15 days
  • Stop any fertilizer input
  • Resume watering a little more frequently when your cambria is in flower

Cambria Orchid Fertilizer

The cambrias have need organic matter to support their growth. As mentioned above (paragraph on watering) it is advisable to give them regular fertilizer but always in a limited way.

  • Add orchid fertilizer when your cambria is developing (leaf growth), usually May through September.
  • Better a reliable dosage regularly than a strong concentration every now and then.
  • The dosage should be at least half of the dosage indicated on the packaging

Repot and multiply a cambria

Like all orchids, repotting cambria is part of the life of the plant and its root system.

Repotting the Cambria:

  • Choose a pot at least 2 cm more in diameter
  • This is usually done every 1 to 2 year (s) and is essential to help your plant develop.
  • Observe the bottom of the pot to see if the roots still have room to develop.
  • Instead, repot when the new roots appear
  • Wait a good month before resuming the fertilizer application
  • Follow our advice for repot an orchid well.

Multiplication of cambria:

You can multiply your cambrias by simply separating the pseudobulbs, just after flowering, usually in the spring.

Make a cambria bloom again

Contrary to phalaenopsis, the cambria does not bloom again on the stems which have given flowers.

Cut the flower stems at the base after flowering

Wait for new shoots to appear to see new flowers appear

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