Botanical tulips

Botanical tulips

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Botanical tulips hatch early, stay close to the ground, and bloom beautifully.

Botanical tulips have a natural appearance. They are very short on the stem and emerge from the ground, so to speak, in flower. With their vibrant colors, they are a real eye-catcher in early spring. Many varieties additionally have a ridged leaf, which makes them even more remarkable.

And… more importantly, these “wild” tulips are weather resistant. (© ibulb)

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The many qualities of botanical tulips

When there is not much to do in the garden, the tulips botanicals immediately add ambience, even on the terrace or balcony.

They are true hitters and they bloom earlier than any other tulip. They are therefore distinguished by their early flowering, but also by their inflorescence and their vibrant colors.

In addition, with such beautiful foliage and the decorative opening of their petals, they are very attractive before, during and after flowering. In short… botanical tulips are full of qualities.

Let nature take its course

Many botanical varieties such as Kaufmanniana, Turkestanica, Sylvestris, Batalinii and Pulchella can reproduce naturally. It is therefore not necessary to remove them from the ground every year.

If you still prefer to get them out of the ground, then wait until the leaf is dead in June.

Tulips in full sun

Botanical tulips love the sun. Plant them in October / November with the tip upwards and cover them with 7 to 8 cm of soil. They are not very expensive to buy, they cost 3 or 4 euros for 10 bulbs.

Beautiful varieties of botanical tulips

There are too many to name them all.

An overview :

  • Tulipa kaufmanniana "Berlioz", a very special mini-tulip
  • T. fosteriana "Spring Pearl", a beautiful plant with red and white flowers
  • T. greigii "Zampa", a fragrant tulip
  • T. fosteriana "Purissima", a tulip with hosta leaves
  • T. greigii "Lovely Suprise", a very hardy tulip
  • T. greigii "Annie Salomons" with silvery leaves and red flowers.

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