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Aloe vera, a miracle plant

Aloe vera, a miracle plant

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Undisputed star of the cosmetics department, aloe vera is used in all kinds of products for the skin and hair. A real miracle plant to adopt urgently in tube and pot (flower).

A succulent plant with long, narrow, toothed leaves, thealoe vera has been known for thousands of years. Native to North Africa, it has been used since Antiquity by the Egyptians and Greeks (Cleopatra would have adopted it to make the skin soft) for its moisturizing and healing properties. Its secret lies in its thick and translucent pulp, composed of numerous minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids which act in synergy to soothe and regenerate the skin.

Organic aloe vera gel

The qualities of aloe are exploited in many beauty products: shower gels, body and face creams, lip balms, deodorants, shampoos ... If you want to take advantage of it without multiplying the bottles, choose an organic gel, form closest to fresh sap. Use it to soothe razor burn and to relieve the skin of the face in case of irritation: redness, chapping, acne ...

Aloe vera, to drink and to eat

The nutritional qualities of the plant, and in particular its richness in antioxidants, are also highlighted in the form of products to drink and eat - food supplements, drinks, yoghurts - recommended to fight against states of fatigue and digestive problems.

Grow aloe vera!

Refreshing and healing, aloe vera is also very useful for relieving a burn or sunburn, soothing mosquito bites or disinfecting small cuts. To always have it on hand, it is best to grow it in a pot.

An uncomplicated green plant, it is easy to cut and just needs to be sheltered from the cold and drafts. In the event of a minor injury, you just need to cut a piece of its leaves to apply its pulp to the area to be treated.

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